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netCOMPONENTS is a leading global electronic components sourcing site which maintains the industry's largest database of worldwide electronic component suppliers inventories. The database lists the sources for millions (see current statistics on home page) of active, passive, electromechanical, and other components that mount onto printed circuit boards (board level electronic components) including integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors, diodes, transistors, memories, microprocessors, capacitors, resistors, switches, relays, connectors, and much more!

netCOMPONENTS multilingual website, since its launch in 1997, has enabled buyer sourcing and procurement of electronic components in a direct, unbiased, and vendor - neutral environment. netCOMPONENTS provides disclosure of the supplier's name and contact information (non-anonymous) on each line item so that members can deal directly with the supplier(s) of their choice.

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Membership for Buyers/Procurement Professionals/Purchasing Agents

Membership on netCOMPONENTS empowers the procurement professional by providing access to the world’s largest electronic components database in a robust, yet easy to use, website environment. netCOMPONENTS website is filled with an array of powerful features designed for professional sourcing & procurement needs. After performing a part search, members can click on the suppliers name to view information about the suppliers holding the listed line items, whether they are authorized, the languages they speak, the localized time, who they sell to, payment methods, payment terms, minimum order, and, of course, how to contact them. Listings are kept up-to-date by our Data Department and the near-real time functionality of the netCOMPONENTS Inventory Processing System (NIPS).

Membership includes:

Part Searches
Unlimited locations and users
Search by Worldwide Region
Search results differentiation of authorized suppliers
Search results differentiation of in-stock inventory
Search results access to manufacturer data sheets on many line items
Search results customizable settings and filters
Search results supplier quality indicators
Supplier Quality Rating System (SQRS) to rate, and view ratings on, suppliers
Shopping cart link to select suppliers
Multi-Lingual Messaging System to send RFQs and POs to suppliers
Part Alerts to be notified when a part is added to netCOMPONENTS database
netCOMPONENTS Escrow (additional fees apply)
many more additional features & functionality...

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netCOMPONENTS enables suppliers (stocking distributors and other companies with inventory for sale) to market themselves to buyers worldwide, receive qualified Request for Quotes (RFQs), receive Purchase Orders (POs), acquire new customers, and increase sales volume. By fostering direct communication, netCOMPONENTS' model helps build relationships, both new and existing, between members and suppliers. netCOMPONENTS does not foster mass e-mail broadcasts, so each RFQ that a supplier receives is targeted.

Although distributors are the primary category of sellers on netCOMPONENTS, other companies with inventory for sale include OEMs/CEMs selling excess stock and component manufacturers selling factory stock that might not normally sell through distribution. (Note: Component manufacturers who support an authorized distribution base and wish to list their factory stock are able to disallow direct ordering and redirect member RFQs to distribution.)

Uploading Inventory includes:

List inventory
Unlimited locations and users
Receive qualified/targeted RFQs and POs
Multi-Lingual Messaging System to receive RFQs and POs from members
netCOMPONENTS Escrow (additional fees apply)
many more additional features & functionality...

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Major Component Manufacturers

The suppliers whose line items are contained in the netCOMPONENTS database often stock inventory that was made by one or more of the following component manufacturers:

Aerovox, Allegro, Allen Bradley, AMD, AMP, Amperite, Amphenol, Analog Devices, APD, Apem, Arcolectric, Aromat, Atmel, AVX, BI Technologies, BKC, Bourns, Burr Brown, Bussmann, California Micro Devices, Catalyst Semiconductor, Cherry, Chips & Technology, Clarostat, Cornell-Dubilier, Cypress, CTS, Dallas, Diodes, E-Switch, Epson, Exar, Fairchild, Fujitsu, General Instrument, General Semiconductor, Goldstar, Grayhill, Harris/GE/RCA, Hewlett Packard, HH Smith, Hilton, Hitachi, Honeywell, Hyundai, Illinois Capacitor, Intel, International Rectifier, IRC, Isocom, ITT, Kemet, Koa Speer, Kyocera, Lattice, Linear Technology, Littelfuse, Lumex, Keystone, Mallory, Maxim, Mepco/Centralab, Micro Quality/Varo, Micron, Microsemi, Mitsubishi, Molex, Motorola, Murata Erie, National Semiconductor, NEC, NIC, Nichicon, NJRC, NJS, NTE, Ohmite, OKI, Omron, On Semiconductor, Panasonic, PCD, Performance Semiconductor, Philips, Quality Technologies, Raytheon, RCD, Roederstein, Rohm, Samsung, Seacor, Semicon, Siemens, Signetics, Siliconix, Solid State, Sony, Spectrol, Sprague, Stackpole, Susco, Teccor, Teledyne, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Tyco-Raychem, United Chemicon, Unitrode, Vishay, Wickmann, Xicon, Xicor, Zilog

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net components electronics components sourcing enables rfqs and quotes of componant parts listed in a searchable database of electronics distributors, vendors and suppliers inventories. The search for parts by part number shows inventory sources from the electronic components database.