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netCOMPONENTS is a market leader in sourcing services for the worldwide electronic components industry. netCOMPONENTS is the world's premier destination for the sourcing and procurement of electronic components, connecting members (buyers) and suppliers (sellers) in a direct and vendor-neutral environment!

18KP109 5940-00-5094 1W-1.6K-5%-CF 6250-00-847-6753 AQ147A240JAJMA
TMS27256-25JL [USED] H06-3R2.2KG SIT3372AC-4E3-33NU50.000000X 847216033 PL03182
16MC226MD2TEL BACW10UB516 8D7Q17F82PB621-LC 2-56X9/16FLT PH SS PS 237B3512P6
L0FAC011-NC-RY1 D38999/24ZC35HE-LC ZRC-20BP-ECH DIB020KCYV1K12DPNXCCBXXX FKP2 1000/630/10 REEL 18.5
PA0363NL CA7-SCF T69-1000LAWIGBXZL 5819877 CY7C09359-7AC
RC1206FR-1321R5L M600400350GSSE RES 2.67K 1/4W 1% MF L914CK4RD 6275032-02
SM042C305KBL360 JRJR26FX103R=RJR26FX103P=JANRJ 235413 1776003-2 23FMN-BMT-TF
TSOP75256TR LWE67C-U2V2-3C4C-0-30-R18 1753363 RNC55H75R0FS 75OHM 1% CS98202CMZ
BKAD3-550-40045 HE.4009 HSMC-C170 (8554501) SIT1602BI-21-30S-33.000000 SSL5301T/1J
RT7928 900109X061RN SIT3372AC-2E2-30NY70.656000X SIT3373AI-1B2-28NX222.527472X NB6E14-4PWT2
0SU41009 4622C4000 TACR476M006QTA SCN-AT-FLT15-0-Z0-0H1 C00121309
L750ID9M GPHA204-2002A01A 4730 015191255 RL01-P12S-C5E 70-11-590-10
CM105CGR50B100AT 30R1-0805-1% 406/9/29664/001 PIC18F258-IS0 CH7316ABFES1
TRD695ZRA7RD-10 RJ032M25BB07 5330-00-265-2729 LNA210AIDCK AV80577P8600SLGDZ
SGA3D120T2P1536 CEBM4706.3 12107A390GAT2A 431R432H01 CV4202AMYSFN6